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Welcome to Men's Lifestyles and thanks for contacting us, we love hearing from potential partners, and are always looking for interns, writers, editors, photographers, contributors and more.

Men's Lifestyles also offers many international opportunities for bright new talent through out international internship program.

At Men's Lifestyles our mission is to creatively inspire curiosity, intuitively educate, and ethically embrace diversity for our readers to emotionally connect with their motivation to simply - be better. 

For us, our mission has always been and will always be about quality. We're passionate about providing the best content, and delivering with an emotional connection that improves lives. We care greatly about all of this, and our work is never done.

When we connect, our readers are fully engaged, inspired by curiosity, and driven with ambition. We take our responsibility to be the best seriously, its about personalizing our connection, one reader at a time!

Each of our partners are a member of our family. Individually, every one of them takes tremendous pride in their purpose. Together, we define an educated community that grows from one another and embraces our primary purpose to be better.

We know that as we deliver in each of these areas, we enjoy a success that nurtures our core. Sure, it starts with our mission, but it doesn’t stop there, as our work goes far beyond that.

The world is looking for a new standard, one that inspires, educates and embraces diversity. We believe in this, and will lead, so that Men's Lifestyles - and everyone we touch can simply be their best!


For immediate answers to frequently asked career questions about Men's Lifestyles, please contact us via email by sending all career correspondence to: contact@menslifestyles.com

Not good enough and want to speak with someone? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST, excluding holidays 646.678.1000

From everyone at Men's Lifestyles - Thank you!





Mathew David

President & CEO


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