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Welcome to Men's Lifestyles and thanks for contacting us, we are always excited for new partnership opportunities to support great brands!

As the leading men's lifestyle brand, Men's Lifestyles is the absolute authority defining the genre in which it exists. With a unique and personalized approach, we are delivering the leading content for our readers in new and engaging ways. 

Whether alone or in combination with multiple media channels, Men's Lifestyles provides strong readership, diverse appeal and superior reach when combined with personalized and tailored solutions.

From bow ties to boat shoes, family to fortune, home and around the world, Men's Lifestyles delivers the leading interests of men for them to enjoy life, look hot and stay cool.

Our Mission: At Men's Lifestyles our mission is to creatively inspire curiosity, intuitively educate, and ethically embrace diversity for our readers to emotionally connect with their motivation to live better.

Our Content: For us, our mission has always been and will always be about quality. We're passionate about providing the best content, and delivering with an emotional connection that improves lives. We care greatly about all of this, and our work is never done.

Our Readers: When we connect, our readers are fully engaged, inspired by curiosity, and driven with ambition. We take our responsibility to be the best seriously, it's about personalizing our connection, one reader at a time!







Our Partners: Each of our partners are a member of our family. Individually, every one of them takes tremendous pride in their purpose. Together, we define an educated community that grows from one another and embraces our primary purpose to live better.

Our Purpose: We know that as we deliver in each of these areas, we enjoy a success that nurtures our core. Sure, it starts with our mission, but it doesn’t stop there, as our work goes far beyond that.








"With social acceptance constantly evolving, Men's Lifestyles defines the male demographic ambitious to refine their life.

Broad, yet balanced, Men's Lifestyles delivers an intimate experience for a diverse population of readers to connect with the motivations that focus their life and continuously keep them wondering.

No longer is the definition of men restricted to the staple of careers, sex and power."


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The Men's Brief: Sometimes some things are more important than others, and too much can be overwhelming, that's why The Men's Brief gives you only one feature at a time, breaking down whatever it is, one by one.

The Men's Report: It's all about the numbers, and so The Men's Report brings you the facts, figures, statistics and science behind everything current for all the intellectual folks.

The Men's Market: Shop all your favorites from Men's Lifestyles and receive the latest deals on gear, gadgets, fashion, tech, subscription services and everything we feature, stand behind or recommend.

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"As marketers continue to refine methods of measuring results, Men's Lifestyles focuses on the importance of media synergy across multiple media channels.

By putting greater emphasis on the critical elements of reader behavior, overall effectiveness is improved, ultimately driving success across multiple media platforms."

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As the definitive source of men's interests, Men's Lifestyles defines the Men's Lifestyle genre, offering a limitless resource for readers to connect with all their daily experiences.

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Audience Metrics And Rate Cards

With digital progression fueling the social explosion, businesses strive to refine marketing methods and optimize their return on investment, unfortunately at the expense of accountability and quantifiable results.

However, on the heels of exploding social networks, the ability to immediately connect with infinite demographics has forced marketers to reevaluate the landscape of credibility amongst a sea of unreliable advertising.

For authenticated Quantcast audience metrics and rate cards, please send all correspondence and requests to: media@menslifestyles.com. Rates listed below are for general pricing purposes, all direct media campaign costs will slightly vary.


Creative Guidelines & Asset Specifications

With vast demographics, competitors struggle to reach their target audience without referencing Men's Lifestyles, as we deliver unlimited brand positioning in the Men's Lifestyle arena.

Men's Lifestyles and our Digital Studio offers unlimited custom solutions for brands to harness their message, and effectively position campaigns to successfully reach their audience.


General Conditions & Guidelines

- All ad units must launch a new browser  - DFP is used to serve Men’s Lifestyles Ad Units

window when clicked on
 - iContact is used to serve Newsletter placements
- Ads are served via iframe ad calls.  - All rich media ads must have an alternate
- Audio must be user initiated with a clearly
  GIF/JPEG versions of creative

recognizable on/off button  - No public service announcements (PSA) ads
- All expanding ad units must be user initiated              
  are allowed
- All floating ad units must have a clearly  - Men’s Lifestyles reserves the right to
  recognizable close button   terminate any campaign upon our discretion


Third Party & Rich Media Guidelines

We accept third party and rich media ad units, for Doubleclick, please submit DFA Internal Redirect for all site placements, and DFA Standard tags for all HTML newsletter placements.

For all other ad tag units, please supply Javascript tags for all site placements, and Standard tags or GIF/JPEG with click thru for all HTML newsletter placements


Creative Policy

- Men’s Lifestyles has final approval  -
All rich media ads must be served

for all ads with respect to content.
via one of the accepted vendors listed.
Men’s Lifestyles reserves the right to remove            
 - Any additional questions or comments

an advertisement from its web sites at   related to advertiser specifications

any time for any reason.   should be sent to media@menslifestyles.com
- Changes to existing campaigns must be received  

at least three business days prior to change.    



- Dimensions – 728x90, 970x66
 - Expanded Dimensions – 728x418, 970x418
- File size max – 40k
 - Rich Media Panels – (4) panels,
- Max Loops – 3 loops, 30fps
  60K max per panel
- Animation Length – 30 secs.  
 - Expansion Initiation – User-Initiated -
- Flash Ad Unit Click Tag – on (release) 
  Mouse Over or Click to Expand
  {getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank");}  
 - Audio Initiation – User-Initiated - Click Only
- Rich Media Accepted – Expandable,  - Tag Type – DFA redirects or iframe
  In-Banner Video
 - Geo-Targeting – Yes
- Rich Media File Size – 40k Initial, 1MB Total             
 - Lead Time – 5 Business Days



 Standard Media Box:

 - Dimensions – 300x250
 - File size max – 40k
Max Loops – 3 loops, 30fps
 - Animation Length – 30 secs.
Flash Ad Unit Click Tag – on (release)

{getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank");} 
 - Rich Media Accepted – Expandable,

In-Banner Video
Rich Media File Size – 40k Initial, 1MB Total
 - Expanded Dimensions – 300x490
 - Rich Media Panels – (4) panels,
  60K max per panel
 - Expansion Initiation – User-Initiated -
  Mouse Over or Click to Expand
 - Audio Initiation – User-Initiated - Click Only
 - Tag Type – DFA redirects or iframe
 - Geo-Targeting – Yes
 - Lead Time – 5 Business Days


Tall Media Box: Inherit Above Specs Except:

 - Dimensions – 300x490 (600 max if necessary)
 - Geo-Targeting – No
 - Additional Information – No Expandable
 - Lead Time – 5 Business Days




Interstitial Roadblock:

- Dimensions – 640x480, 300x250
Geo-Targeting – No
- Animation Length – 10 secs.   -
Lead Time – 5 Business Days
- Rich Media Accepted – Super Rich Media                
  - Expansion Initiation – Close Button can be
- Rich Media File Size – 100k

in any location and must have non
Additional Information – HP-1 per every 24 hours;     

transparent background. It must be clearly
  ROS-1 per every 10 mins.
visible throughout the execution on all
- Audio Initiation – User-Initiated - Click Only   browsers/resolutions.
- Tag Type – DFA redirects or iframe  



In-Feed Media Box:

- Dimensions – 640x150, 640x250
 - Expanded Dimensions – 600x250, 600x490
- File size max – 40k
 - Rich Media Panels – (4) panels,
- Max Loops – 3 loops, 30fps
  60K max per panel
- Animation Length – 30 secs.  
 - Expansion Initiation – User-Initiated -
- Flash Ad Unit Click Tag – on (release)                        
  Mouse Over or Click to Expand
  {getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank");}  
 - Audio Initiation – User-Initiated - Click Only
- Rich Media Accepted – Expandable,  - Tag Type – DFA redirects or iframe
  In-Banner Video
 - Geo-Targeting – Yes
- Rich Media File Size – 40k Initial, 1MB Total             
 - Lead Time – 5 Business Days


Push Down:

- Dimensions Collapsed – 970x66
- Dimensions Expanded – 970x418
Max Loops – 3 loops, 30fps
- Max Play Time – 15 secs.
Expandable, In-Banner Video –

Audio must be user initiated by click
- Lead Time – 5 Business Days
File Size – 100k initial load, Up to 1MG
for completely loaded ad.
This unit auto expands to 970x418

then collapses to 970x66.
- This creative must be set up on the vendor's side

as a 'Push Down' ad type so it pushes content
  down as opposed to expanding over content.
Expansion Initiation – 15 sec play and time out

collapse if user does not interact with the unit, must

be click to expand following initital autoexpand
Expansion – Should Auto Expand with a close
  button and have replay button once collapsed.
- Capping – The creative must be capped on the vendor's end so the expanded version only appears
  once per session. Replay button must be click to replay or roll over to play.
- Additional Information – Please be sure to set your Z-Index to (1) and ensure that the Flash Wmode is
- This ad must be served/hosted by a Rich Media Vendor, see general creative guidlines for
  recommended vendors


Custom Skinning:

- Dimensions – 2000x1500  - Fonts - specific fonts need to be incorporated
- Middle site main content width: 990px  - Color Palette - Advise of specific colors that
- We support 1280x800 (safe zone) desktop   need to be used/incorporated

resolution – all design must fit within these
 - Restrictions/Guidelines - Advise of any legal

dimensions only                    restrictions or style guides that need to be
- All relevant logos & brand art - High Resolution          
  followed for brand and trademarks
  (.eps Illustrator or layered .psd format)  - Copy Points - specific bullet points or calls to
- Images  – hi-res .eps Illustrator or layered .psd         
  or calls to action to be covered
- Size Requirements - Any required point size
 - Linking URL to site or static click-command
  needed for logos, art, fonts  - 1x1 impression trackers (optional)



Sponsored Content & Logos:

- Dimensions – 300x150, 150x150, 150px75, 90x90       
- Geo-Targeting – Yes
- File size max – 15k - Additional Information – No Animation, No
Lead Time – 5 Business Days   exclusive use of Wired black and white logo
- Tag Type – 1x1 and click tags   colors in the ad units


Email Newsletter Media Box:

- Dimensions – 640x320, 300x250
File size max – 30k
- Lead Time – 10 Business Days
Additional Information – Static Image Only
  may provide 1x1 Tracking Pixels & Click


For immediate press and media requests or to request a full copy of our media kit, please contact us below and/or via email by sending all media correspondence to: media@menslifestyles.com

Not good enough and want to speak with someone? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST, excluding holidays 646.678.1000

From everyone at Men's Lifestyles - Thank you!





Mathew David
President & CEO


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