When your friends stop by for a quite drink and you feel its quickly turning into a major gathering, don’t fight it, just focus on your responsibilities and embrace your role as the host!

1.   Start with a round of drinks the minute your guests arrive. Remember, nothing too complicated, you’re hoisting the party, not impersonating Tom Cruise as a mixoligist in the 1988 classic “Cocktail”.

2.   Embrace your responsibility as the host, make introductions and start conversations. You knever know who has eyes for who in the room and you may just start something good.

3.   Control the mood, be present and always be hospitable.  A good vibe is as important as great food and cold drinks. Create the perfect playlist and forget worrying about what CD to put on next.

4.   Even though you weren’t expecting a major gathering, you should always make sure to keep your pantry stocked, loaded and ready for the occasion! Make sure you have enough casual orderves prepped and circulating.

5.   Be the life of the party, not the obnoxious boozer. Make a toast to a productive day, great company and good humor. Remember though, this isn’t animal house so leave the John Belushi speech for another night.

6.   Do some guests need a taxi yet? Make sure you graciously see to it that all your guests make it home safely.

This all sounds obvious but if you’ve ever been someplace and all the host offered was “another drink” then you’ll appreciate the importance of being an accomplished host!