So you’ve graduated college and busted your ass to conquer your career goals. While your days of keg stands and hazing may be over, have you wondered if are you a defined bachelor or are you still living like a frat boy? It wasn’t that long ago, that I started dating an athlete and while I won’t kiss and tell, I will tell you that living like a frat boy is a complete turn off for any woman.  So you understand where this is going, I’ll give you the stats; at the present time he was what I would consider to be mature 34 years old and well into NHL career a.k.a the perfect catch...Right? One afternoon he invited me over to watch TV well technically sports. I pull up to see this enormous house something right out of architectural digest, I couldn’t help but image how stunning it would be once inside..

I enter, to my left an empty room which might have been designed for a den, but instead there are rolling racks of suits, dress shirts and shopping bags scattered around. I thought it was an odd spot for a make shift closet but hey, he’s busy right? I walk a little further into the kitchen and the sink is filled with what appeared to be last nights super bowl party remains, except it wasn’t neither super bowl nor football season for that matter. Inside the living room black leather couch and a enormous flat screen TV and what appeared to be dining room table filled with old Playboy magazines newspapers, empty beer cases, and old chinese food containers, I couldn’t help but wonder is this eligible bachelor still living in the frat boy lifestyle?  

Take a look around, your apartment or home should be your own sanctuary, not just a place to host next week’s fantasy football meeting. If you are currently using tape to hang up photos on the wall, it’s probably best you take it down. Its time to turn your frat pad into a bachelor pad. I’m not saying you need to call Ty Pennington but here are a few basics to helping you get started. 

Every bachelor pad should have a least a few pieces of artwork preferably in the living room and dining area. I find artwork on canvas is more chic than a framed poster. If you have limited wall space get a simple vase or sculpture and always frame your photos. These pieces should reflect your interests or hobbies, and are used to personalize your space. 

And while you’re no longer a frat boy, there’s no reason to be a drip either. A stocked bar is a must. Always have Whiskey or Vodka on hand. Johnny Walker is your best bet for Whiskey, Svedka Vodka or flavored Grey Goose vodka are great and can be mixed with almost anything. Additionally, have a white or red bottle of wine; keep the white wine chilled in the refrigerator.  Always have a few variations of drinking glasses, no plastic! A set wine glasses, tumblers and of course martini glasses, females love them trust me. A good alcohol shaker is ideal, plus you can get your inner Tom Cruise on circa Cocktail though I strongly suggest practicing first. If you really want to splurge get a set of crystal champagne flutes, this will complete your collection.

You never know when guests will come by, and you’ll want to show that you’re mature enough to host people. You need few basics in the fridge that don’t involve cooking. Veggies like baby carrots and celery, pick up pre sliced cheese, hummus and pita chips and all you have to do is toss them on a plate and voila!

Moving on, your bathroom should always be clean including the walls of your shower and your “throne” should be spotless you know what I’m talking about   Have a small garbage can so you can easily dispose of trash. Hand towels, air freshener and soap for obvious reasons. Remove any toothpaste residue from the sink. It can’t hurt to keep an extra toothbrush under the sink either.

Now let’s get to your bedroom, just because you may get “down and dirty” don’t take it so literal. Your sheets and comforter (aka duvet) should be clean. If they have holes, stains or your favorite child hood superhero on them its time to put them to bed if you catch my drift.  Your comforter should be a masculine color you cannot go wrong with deep reds, beige, grey or black. Try and find sheets with a thread count of 300+. They’ll feel great, and will last longer than sheets with a lower thread count.

 When you bring a date home and she walks by your bedroom door, she’s going to look in and check out the bed. Whether she ends up there or not will be all on you.