Considered one of the ultimate possessions for the young career-minded gentleman who welcomes the thought of being single, the bachelor pad represents the ultimate canvas for your lifestyle. Few men are lucky enough to go through a stage in their life where the opportunity of expendable income allows them to create a flat so inviting, its fit for a prince. However, when it does happen, these 10 essentials will enviably invite women and polish your pad into and eligible bachelors paridise.

Men's Lifestyles Bachelor Pad Check List

1. Fine Wine - You may or may not be the wine connoisseure, nor may she. However, a selection of rich uncorked bottles of red and white wine will give her an undeniable excuse to relax, open up and enjoy an intimate conversation with you. Remember, the relationship you enjoy with the taste of wine is only as good as the enviornment its matured in. Red wine should be room temperature while white wine chilled.

Also, remember, always have a few variations of drinking glasses including a set of clean wine glasses. If you really want to make an impression, a set of crystal wine glasses over a classic cedar wine rack and wet bar complete with a wine cooler, will complete your drinking well.

2. The Perfect Playlist - A perfect ambiance can predict the future in any circumstance. With the perfect soundtrack, you'll formulate a recipe for a sexual atmosphere so intense, it couldn't be cut with a knife. Depending on your personality, and her's, a well orchestrated song selection of background music will let her know you are open to a horizon of music.

This doesn't mean run out tomorrow and buy all Marvin Gaye's Greatest Hits Albums, but keep your selection of music current and classic with a median of veriety that will be sure to impress any guest.

Men''s Lifestyles Bachelor Pad Check List3. Horderves - So you both have a glass of wine in one hand with a relaxed potion running through you and the bach ground of a perfect sound track ringing in your ears. The only thing missing now, is a little something to pick at as you chat it up over your a few glasses of wine.

Rich cheese is an undeniable elligant past time exlusively crutched with the taste of wine. A block of seasoned cheese sliced thin will give you both a little something to snack on and show here your roots to fine details.

4. DVD Collection - Maybe it's time now you've both run out of things to talk about, ate all the horderves and polished off a bottle of wine. A solid DVD collection will definitely shift gears and spark an intimate connection between you her.

Remember though, as much as you want to watch the best of UFC knock outs, let her pick the DVD. It's only polite, just make sure to hide your chick flicks before having her over.

5. Clean Sheets - Your half way through the movie, things are heating up and you two haven't been able to keep your hands off each other since the opening scenes. It's time you move things to the bedroom.

A well kept master suite, folded bed set and clean sheets is a must! Nothing will turn her on more than the feel of a high thread count and feathered bedset that soaks both of you up.

Men's Lifestyles Bachelor Pad Check List
6. Condoms - Enough foreplay, lets get down to business! If you don't have a condom and are looking to seal the deal, this sexual threashold can trip up any intimate setting. Not only is it rude, but she'll think your dirty, and even worste, she'll think that you think she is dirty and don't respect her.
Condoms kept in a nightstand jewelry box will let her know you respect her, and are responsible enough for her to feel comfortable sleeping with you.

7. Spare Tooth Brush - It's 2:30AM and you two have been rolling around naked for hours when suddenly you both completely fall asleep. Well 9:00AM Saturday morning rolls around and you two are awaken to the sun beaming through your window. The first thing she'll want to do is brush her teeth and wash away the taste of whatever it was she had in her mouth the night before. A few spare tooth brushes are perfect for the fix. Plus you don't want morning breath to ruin a perfect night

8. Clean Towels - Offer her a shower. You've been the perfect gentleman leading up to this moment, why stop. If she feels uncomfortable, walk over to the shower naked and set the temperature for her. Then, turn around and let her see your confidence, she'll have no choice but to give in and freshen up.

What better way is there to start the day off than morning sex under a hot shower. Be a gentleman though, get out first and let her have some time alone to clean up. When she through, a selection of soft fresh white towels will show her your detail to hygiene and leave her feeling clensed of her sins.

Men's Lifestyles Bachelor Pad Check List Fresh Fruit9. Fresh Coffee Grounds - Fresh coffee, espresso, organic tea's and the smell of a mornings fresh brew will enchant you both and stear clear of an awkward lull in conversation. A little pep in your step will let her know your productive and ambitious never to waste the day. 

10. Fresh Fruit - As you both chat and plan your day over a freshly brewed espresso, don't push her out the door. Prepare a bowl of freshly sliced fruit and offer her something healthy and natural for breakfast. This lets her know your serious about your health and balance a healthy diet. The sugars in the fruit also help to replenish all that you two burned up throughout the night.