Originating in Scotland and Ireland the traditional Oxford has been the staple of a gentleman’s wardrobe for in excess of two centuries. And while in America the style of Oxford may vary greatly, the traditional template is as unchanged as ever.


Alden Straight Tip Blucher Oxford - This American made Oxford is a rarity on the list, both for being made in New England and also because the Alden company is family owned and has been since 1884. There is a hardly a company more proud of the successful heritage than Alden, and they should be. The Straight Tip Blucher Oxford is a sturdy shoe in a tradition mold. Featuring walnut brown calfskin and a double oak leather out sole, the shoe is designed for gentlemanly style as well as durability.


Cost: $450




Edward Green Asquith Oxford - Edward Green is the maker of fine handcrafted shoes. They have been making shoes in England since they first opened their doors in North Hampton in 1890. With the Asquith they continue the tradition of making high quality traditional shoes for men. The Asquith is perfect for most business or social occasions and bears a resemblance to some shoe models from the 1930s.

Cost: $1100



Tanino Crisci Logan - The story begins back in 1886 when young Alfonso Crisci left Naples to take an apprenticeship in Brazil as a shoe maker. Upon his return to Naples he began a career that would ultimately culminate in the company that his son, Gaetano, forever known as Tanino, would take to new heights. The Logan inherits this vaunted heritage. It is traditional brown calf skin,with leather soles and an elegant appearance that enhances that classic Oxford styling.


Cost: $910

New & Lingwood Richard Oxfords - New & Lingwood are most commonly known for their bespoke shirts and tailored products, but they are also the makers of fine men’s shoes as well. The Richard Oxford selection is a wonderfully elegant rendering of the old theme.


Cost: $540