BESPOKE SUIT PREVIEW IMAGE 1Name brands like Armani and Hugo Boss often come to mind when one thinks of getting a suit. After the name brand, then comes the question of fabric and cut and if the suit should by single or double breasted or not. FIY, double breasted is hard to pull off without achieving the old gangster look. But all of these questions usually overlook the most important aspect of buying a proper suit. This is not to say that all the components that go into a suit are not important, they are, but simply put: the most important feature of any suit is the fit.

Any suit must be perfectly tailored to look proper. If the suit is not cut to a man’s specific and individual needs then it will never look right no matter how fine the fabric or great the brand, and regardless of how much the sale was for. Taking time to have the suit well tailored to a man’s every dimension is utmost on the list.

If we’re talking fit, now comes the question of whether or not the suit needs to be bespoke or simply well tailored. This question may come down to a matter of preference and wallet size. Although it is possible to buy ready wear suits that are tailored after the fact to fit and still achieve the right look. Some men swear by bespoke, which is absolutely made to fit from the fabric up. While in many ways this manner of suit construction is optimal, both the amount of time and money involved makes bespoke suits difficult to achieve, especially for a man who wants to have a complete wardrobe of tailored suits but can’t afford to spend the price of a house for that wardrobe.

BESPOKE TAILORED SUIT PREVIEW IMAGE 2In other words, one or two bespoke suits will fit the bill, the rest just have to be perfectly tailored. And this is the point, the fit makes the suite. And no matter how much the suit costs, or what fabric or cut the suit employs, a man neglects a tailor at the peril of his appearance. And as the tailor makes the fit, every man should find a tailor and get to know him. This is the same sort of relationship one builds with a Barbour. In order to get the right cut, one needs a man who knows his craft. Start with the tailor. Then get the suit. And while it’s nice to have a suit made from scratch to ones every dimension, if the suit is well tailored and it fits, wear it.