GENISIS 1.2 S SPEAKERS LEFTThe Genesis 1.2s are the audiophile’s ultimate fantasy. They are designed specifically to reproduce the sound and actual impact of a live concert. The 1.2s come not as a pair but as a foursome, with a dedicated tower for the bass and another for mid range and highs.

Very few speakers in the world can compete with this speaker. And not just from the perspective of technological specification. No, the Genesis 1.2s can blow you out of a room or reproduce the sound of the flapping wings of a butterfly with equal clarity.

They are also impressive to view. At seven foot three inches tall and a full forty two inches wide for each of the mid-range/twitter towers, just this segment of the 1.2 is nearly the size of a sheet of plywood. They simply create a presence in a room without sounding a single note that is worth it just to see. In this case, the 1.2s are like a super-car: just to be around one is a privilege.

But more than just physical size, it’s what they contain that’s impressive. Starting with the tweeter tower, this segment features twenty front firing, floor to ceiling tweeters, arranged vertically creating a literal wall of sound. In back are 6 rearward firing tweeters forming a near perfect dipolar source array. Beside the line of twenty tweeters is a full 75” tall ribbon mid-range made of exceptionally thin aluminium laminated to a .001 mylar substrate and tuned to run only within its perfect frequency range.


For the bass tower there are a total of twelve woofers per tower. Six woofers fire frontwards and six to the rear. This makes for not only tight bass reproduction at its finest, but the opposing woofers cancel out the vibration of the other. Furthermore each woofer sits in its own housing thereby nearly eliminating box coloration.

The Genesis 1.2s truly are a dream product that produces natural sound with such size and so little effort that they are thrilling to hear. There is something about superlative excellence that is simply irresistible.